Coping Stories

Read about how adolescents, who have attended The Comfort Ability program, have learned to better manage their pain.

Aryn: Age 18

“Programs like the Comfort Ability workshop were instrumental in my rehabilitation and adjustment; I learned how to cope with my pain and thrive despite it.”

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Lula: Age 16

"I had felt like there was no one out there who was going through pain like me, but at last, I felt I wasn't alone and there was hope for me."

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Sophie B.: Age 17

“The psychological skills I learned have helped me keep a positive outlook through my recovery.”

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Brooke: Age 21

Headache and Diffuse Pain

" thing that remains constant in my life is the toolbelt that I have acquired and the skills I have learned that help to put me back on track."

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Mary: Age 11

Neuropathic Back Pain 

"I got a sense of comfort during the workshop."

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Read about what caregivers have learned at The Comfort Ability workshop:


13-year-old daughter with Pain Amplification Syndrome

"Within the first five minutes of the session, one of the most powerful experiences happened..."

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