Caregiver Advisory Board

Nancy Kaplan Corbett

Nancy Kaplan Corbett is currently Senior Massachusetts Environmental Counsel at Eversource Energy, focusing on a wide variety of environmental and sustainability issues. Previously, Nancy served as General Counsel of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). She is also an educator who has held Adjunct Professor positions at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Suffolk University, and Boston University. Nancy is the mother of three amazing children, including a daughter who suffered a severe concussion and participated in and benefitted immensely from The Comfort Ability Program workshop. She and her family live in Newburyport, MA.

Bryna Lakin-Davis

Bryna Lakin-Davis has a background in education, as both an elementary school teacher and administrator, and social service. She is currently the Executive Director of a local housing counseling agency in the greater Boston area. She has a daughter who has dealt with chronic migraines, post-concussion syndrome, chronic back pain, and chronic stomach pain. In working with The Comfort Ability Caregiver Advisory Board, her goal is to provide tools and support to other parents and caregivers who have a child with chronic pain and other chronic discomforts.

Mike Davis

Michael Davis is a consultative business leader with a background in technical management, project management, talent acquisition, professional services management, and client relationship management. Michael has also served as a high school speech and debate coach and judge, and a gymnastics coach and judge. He has served on a number of non-profit boards over the years.  In addition to having a child with chronic pain, Michael had his own experience with chronic pain. He has seen the amazing transformation that The Comfort Ability Program has brought to his child and believes that being a part of this advisory board is a great way to help pay it forward.

June Ferestien

June Ferestien is a former professional athlete, coach, attorney, business development and marketing professional, and community relation’s consultant. In 2015, when her daughter suffered a life-altering third concussion in a boating accident, June immersed herself in learning about chronic pain and how to support her child’s rehabilitation. In helping to get her daughter get back on track, June learned how effective a multidisciplinary wellness plan could be. In addition to supporting The Comfort Ability Program, June and her daughter Lily are creating awareness about Post-Concussion Syndrome and speak to school groups, camps and athletic teams about concussion signs, symptoms and recovery tips.

Jennifer Chace

Jennifer is the school director at a Waldorf school in Manhattan and has been a teacher and an art therapist in Maine. Jennifer’s daughter Fiona was in 8th grade when she began cognitive behavioral treatment for chronic headache pain that onset as part of a post-concussion syndrome. Jennifer and her husband learned how to support Fiona’s mental and emotional health using concepts now shared through The Comfort Ability Program. Through her experience helping her daughter recover from multiple concussions, Jennifer has developed an interest in all things neuroscience and is lucky to have two daughters studying the subject in college. Jennifer has been a guest speaker at a several Comfort Ability workshops and is excited to continue to support the program through The Comfort Ability Caregiver advisory board.

Becky Michaels

Becky is an Assistant District Attorney and the Director of Community Prosecution Projects at the Northwestern District Attorney's Office. She lives in Western Massachusetts. Her eldest daughter Katie, now 19, began suffering from chronic pain in her back, leg, and stomach at the age of 11. After years of treatment that enabled her to learn how to pace herself and avoid pain triggers, Katie is now a horseback-riding college student majoring in Psychology and Pre-Nursing with a goal of working with children whose lives are impacted by chronic pain. Becky and Katie speak regularly in the Comfort Ability workshops to both parents and children. Becky is thrilled to join The Comfort Ability Caregiver Advisory Board and to work to share her experience and all that she has learned to help other families.

Katie Settel

Katie Settel is a nationally recognized story photographer based in Fairfield, Connecticut. When Katie's 10-year-old daughter was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), Katie searched endlessly for answers and feared her daughter would never walk again. Six months into her daughter's journey with debilitating pain, Katie and her daughter started treatment at the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center at Boston Children's Hospital. Through this program they found the physical therapy and cognitive behavioral tools and supports they needed to get back on track. Today Katie's daughter is thriving. Katie joined The Comfort Ability Caregiver Advisory board to share her experience, strength, and hope with other parents who have a child with chronic pain and who she suspects might be feeling as she did. Alone.​

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