Caregiver Advisory Board

Mike Davis

Michael Davis is a consultative business leader with a background in technical management, project management, talent acquisition, professional services management, and client relationship management. Michael has also served as a high school speech and debate coach and judge, and a gymnastics coach and judge. He has served on a number of non-profit boards over the years.  In addition to having a child with chronic pain, Michael had his own experience with chronic pain. He has seen the amazing transformation that The Comfort Ability® Program has brought to his child and believes that being a part of this advisory board is a great way to help pay it forward.

Bryna Lakin-Davis

Bryna Lakin-Davis has a background in education, as both an elementary school teacher and administrator, and social service. She is currently the Executive Director of a local housing counseling agency in the greater Boston area. She has a daughter who has dealt with chronic migraines, post-concussion syndrome, chronic back pain, and chronic stomach pain. In working with The Comfort Ability® Caregiver Advisory Board, her goal is to provide tools and support to other parents and caregivers who have a child with chronic pain and other chronic discomforts.

Jennifer Chace

Jennifer is the assistant director of the Maine Education Policy Research Institute as well as the executive director of The Source School, an education nonprofit . She is also a doctoral candidate in Public Policy, doing research on trust, hope, and mattering in youth and adult collaboration on school policy making. Her prior work was in Waldorf education — in school-based art therapy, school leadership, and teaching grades 1-8. Jennifer’s daughter Fiona was in 8th grade when she began cognitive behavioral treatment for chronic headache pain that onset as part of a post-concussion syndrome. Jennifer and her husband learned how to support Fiona’s mental and emotional health using concepts now shared through The Comfort Ability® Program. Through her experience helping her daughter recover from multiple concussions, Jennifer has developed an interest in all things neuroscience. Jennifer has been a consistent presence as a guest speaker at the Comfort Ability® Program workshops over the years and is excited to be able to support the program through The Comfort Ability® Caregiver advisory board.

Becky Michaels

Becky is an Assistant District Attorney and the Director of Community Prosecution Projects at the Northwestern District Attorney's Office. She lives in Western Massachusetts. Her eldest daughter Katie, now 19, began suffering from chronic pain in her back, leg, and stomach at the age of 11. After years of treatment that enabled her to learn how to pace herself and avoid pain triggers, Katie is now a horseback-riding college student majoring in Psychology and Pre-Nursing with a goal of working with children whose lives are impacted by chronic pain. Becky and Katie speak regularly in the Comfort Ability® workshops to both parents and children. Becky is thrilled to join The Comfort Ability® Caregiver Advisory Board and to work to share her experience and all that she has learned to help other families.

Janie McPhillips

Janie McPhillips is a Family Nurse Practitioner who lives in Saunderstown, Rhode Island with her husband, Jon and two teenage daughters, Bridget and Mary. She is board-certified and specializes in Hospice and Palliative Care. She works for Hope Health as an inpatient Palliative Care Consultant in addition to practicing in an outpatient Supportive/Palliative Care Clinic for Lifespan Cancer Institute. Despite being considered an expert in symptom management, she was lost when her daughter, Bridget was diagnosed at age 13 with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which developed after repetitive injuries from Irish Dance. With the support of The Comfort Ability® Program and eventually the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, Bridget and their family moved forward with the many strategies and coping methods they learned. Bridget is now a high school senior, accomplished student athlete and in the midst of applying to college. As a member of The Comfort Ability® Caregiver Advisory Board, Janie would like to ‘pay it forward’ by offering hope to other parents who feel lost, alone and helpless as they are learning how to help their child manage chronic pain. ​

Jonathan McPhillips

Jonathan McPhillips is a professional fine artist and painting instructor. He resides in Saunderstown, RI with his wife Janie, and daughters Mary and Bridget. Bridget was diagnosed with CRPS in late 2019 after consecutive foot and ankle injuries from Irish dance. After a tireless search for answers and months of debilitation, Jonathan, Jane, and Bridget attended a Comfort Ability® workshop in Boston which provided the first beacon of hope after months of confusion and doubt. Bridget also attended the Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center at Boston Children's Hospital in 2020, and to this day uses her experiences and tools to thrive and manage her pain. She is applying to colleges, captaining her tennis team, and a member of the Comfort Ability® Peer Advisory Board. Jonathan hopes that sharing his experience as a parent of a child with chronic pain will give some encouragement to others going through similar situations. ​

Seungeun Lee

Seungeun (Sing In) is a dedicated visual artist and educator who draws inspiration from nature and a profound care for the well-being of individuals. She recognizes the profound impact of design environment on people's daily lives and overall health. Seungeun's journey supporting her daughter through chronic pain following a concussion has reshaped her perspective on life and its goals. This experience has driven her to serve as a parent advisor and board member for the Comfort Ability® Program, where she enthusiastically shares her story to inspire and support other families facing similar challenges. She is also a fervent advocate for cultural diversity and the importance of sharing vulnerabilities to promote understanding and healing.

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