Lula: Age 16

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Two years ago, I woke up with a strange pain in my back. Nothing had happened, but the pain progressed and intensified as days went on. Gradually, I lost everyday functions I had once been able to do. I couldn’t tie my shoes, do daily chores, socialize, or even be up for most of the day. I spent most days lying in bed. I tried all different medications and interventions including acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage. Finally, the pain clinic referred me to the Comfort Ability Program. I didn’t know how their one-day workshop could heal severe pain when medications couldn't, but I was desperate for help.

During the Comfort Ability, I learned for the first time what chronic pain was and how it was different from acute pain. I identified a new toolbox of strategies that would help me each day and get me back to life. Before the program, I had never met anyone else with a chronic pain condition, but at the Comfort Ability workshop, I met people with similar stories as me. I had felt like there was no one out there who was going through pain like me, but at last, I felt I wasn't alone and there was hope for me.

I still struggle with pain, but I have resumed a functioning life. Participating in the Comfort Ability workshop helped me get my life back and helped me emotionally deal with my pain, putting into perspective what I could do to take charge of pain.

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