Mary: Age 11

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"I got a sense of comfort during the workshop."

I have had pain my whole life. I experience a heating sensation in my back. I had always felt so different from other students and my friends, and I felt like I wasn’t normal. I felt alone, like nobody else besides my parents and doctors really understood. I thought that I would live my life everyday with the pain, some days without, and some with. But that was before the Comfort Ability Workshop.

Before the workshop, I had been doing some physical therapy, and in doing so I had begun to feel much better. But even after my pain had decreased, my doctor had recommended the Comfort Ability program. So, I decided to go, and I am glad I did it.

What helped me most in the Comfort Ability workshop was mindfulness. Previously, my father had taught me a little bit about mindfulness, but the workshop taught me about how to use it to help with my pain. Although my pain had subsided, it would be useful for when my pain escalated. Also, I learned that chronic pain can come in different forms such as migraines or headaches.

I also got a sense of comfort from the workshop. Before, I had felt so different from everybody else, and not in a good way. But after the program, I realized that I wasn’t alone; that there were other people who understood what I was going through, and that made me feel just like my other peers.

All in all, the Comfort Ability Workshop has really helped me with my chronic pain. I hope that anybody with chronic pain has the same opportunity to learn how to manage their condition.


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  • I can relate to the feeling of feeling “different”, pain is something many people don’t really understand. Pain is something you have to cope with and it can be very difficult but you’re not alone. Distractions work for example going out with friends, watching youtube videos or your favorite movie. Happiness is the best medicine.

    Marissa E Duffy on

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