Isabella: Age 17

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"You're not alone."

Where do you (or did you) feel pain?

Throughout my entire body, especially in my joints, back and head.

How long has this been a problem for you?

Almost 6 years.

Where did you attend The Comfort Ability?

Boston Children’s Hospital.

How was The Comfort Ability program helpful to you?

The program helped my confidence by introducing me to peers going through something similar, and I also learned many helpful tips about managing pain.

How do you think The Comfort Ability program was helpful to your parent/s?

The program showed them what other parents and their children were going through, and it gave them a sense of assurance and support.

What is the coping skill you use the most? When do you use it?

I use deep-breathing and stretching equally the most. I use stretching mainly for physical discomfort caused by sports or movement, and I use deep-breathing mainly for stress that may induce pain and when pain becomes worse during a class or at work.

What advice do you have for other kids who may be struggling with chronic pain?

Through my experiences, I believe it’s most important to remember three main things: 1) You’re not alone, 2) using different coping techniques, even little things, will help you understand and continue with your pain, rather than trying to fight against it and becoming frustrated, and 3) remember to do something that makes you happy, because happiness physically reduces pain in your body as well as distracts you from your pain.


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  • You are not alone I completely understand I have had chronic pain that moved from the stomach to my ribs. It has been 2 1/2 years and still in the process of getting it fixed. I agree distractions are a major part of the healing process, for me it’s going for a drive, hanging with friends or messing around with makeup. Pain is a hard thing to deal with and many people don’t understand because it’s not like a cast it’s not really visible most of the time.

    Marissa E Duffy on

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