Music as a Coping Tool

Music can be a powerful coping strategy for managing chronic pain and functional symptoms. Research shows that listening to music has the ability to reduce stress and worry, improve mood and boost the immune system.​  Sometimes choosing music that matches your mood - for example sad music when you're feeling down - can help you to feel less alone and better understood. But, too much sad music can have the opposite effect making you feel even more depressed. That's why it's always important to have some upbeat or happy songs on on your playlist as well. Listening to a happy rhythm or singing along with some fun lyrics can be a game changer on tough day!    

​It's important to listen to what you love, but if you're looking for some new tunes that could help you to feel a little less alone, check out the thoughtful recommendations from the Comfort Ability® Peer Advisory Board (a group of teens and young adults). Some of these songs were chosen because they are quiet and soulful, some were selected for the meaningful and inspiring lyrics, and others (like Banana pancakes!) are here just to boost your mood.  

Pick a few songs from this list or think about compiling your own playlist.

Pro tip: try starting a playlist with some sad songs that might match your mood when you're not feeling your best and then build your playlist up to some happier songs with upbeat tempos. Notice how your mood shifts? 

Enjoy and rock on!  

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