Peer Reviewed Publications

    • Wihak, T., Burns, M., Miranda, J., Windmueller, G., Oakley, C., & Coakley, R. (2020). Development and feasibility testing of the Comfort Ability Program for sickle cell pain: A patient-informed, video-based pain management intervention for adolescents with sickle cell disease. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology8(2), 150.
    • Donado, C., Turrisi, T., Wihak, T., & Coakley, R. B. (2019). Differences Between Mothers' and Fathers' Perception of Their Adolescents' Pain Before and After Parent Training Through The Comfort Ability Pain Management Program. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics40(9), 716-724.
    • Coakley, R., Wihak, T., Kossowsky, J., Iversen, C., & Donado, C. (2018). The Comfort Ability Pain Management Workshop: a preliminary, nonrandomized investigation of a brief, cognitive, biobehavioral, and parent training intervention for pediatric chronic pain. Journal of pediatric psychology43(3), 252-265.
    • Coakley, R., & Wihak, T. (2017). Evidence-based psychological interventions for the management of pediatric chronic pain: new directions in research and clinical practice. Children4(2), 9.

    Coakley, R., & Bujoreanu, S. (2020). Mobilizing the psychology evidence base for the treatment of pediatric chronic pain: The development, implementation, and impact of the Comfort Ability Program. Paediatric and Neonatal Pain.



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