Book Resources for Sickle Cell Pain

Book Resources for Sickle Cell Pain

  • Hope & Destiny -
    The Patient and Parent’s Guide to Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait - 3rd Edition.
    By Alan Sacerdote M.D., Allen Platt, Allan F. Platt Jr. P.A.-C. M.M.Sc.
    An informative and personal discussion of sickle-cell anemia, this guide provides information on treatment along with patient stories. Written primarily for African Americans, who comprise the majority of the victims of sickle-cell anemia, this handbook examines the complex issues that surround this genetic disease.
  • Hope & Destiny Jr.: The Adolescent’s Guide to Sickle Cell Disease.
    By Lewis L. Hsu M.D., Ph.D., Carmen C. M. Rodrigues RN, Silvia R. Brandalise M.D., Angela Vennemann, and Tifani Carter
    Written specifically for children who suffer from sickle cell disease, this book includes many pictures and games to help children learn about their disease and to answer common questions from a child’s perspective.
  • When Your Child Hurts: Effective Strategies to Increase Comfort, Reduce Stress, and Break the Cycle of Chronic Pain
    By Rachael Coakley, Ph.D.
    This book teaches parents skills and strategies to increase a child’s comfort and to help many pain-related challenges such as problems with school, sleep and friends. It is a practical guide filled with easy-to-use ideas for relieving a child’s chronic pain. For more information, click here.

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