Anxiety & Depression

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression 

It’s normal for people experiencing chronic pain and functional symptoms to feel sad, frustrated, and worried some of the time. However, it’s not typical for them to feel this way all the time. If you feel sad or depressed most days, are often irritable, or have anxious thoughts or nervous feelings much of the time, you may benefit from working with a provider who can help to treat these symptoms.

What are the signs of anxiety?

    • Feeling nervous most of the time
    • Nightmares/ racing thoughts at night/ difficulty with sleep
    • Racing heart, sweaty hands and feet, dizziness, difficulty breathing, pressure on chest (panic attacks)
    • Fears that prevent you from doing things you would like to be doing
    • Habits or routines that you can’t break and that take a lot of time every day

What are the signs of depression?

    • Frequent problems with sleep
    • Frequent tearfulness 
    • Feeling hopeless or helpless a lot of the time 
    • Loss of interest in hobbies, sports, friends
    • Difficulty with concentration and memory 
    • Feeling very cranky or frustrated more often than not 

If you suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression, it is important to talk with a parent or trusted adult. Adults you might feel comfortable talking to:

    • Parent, caregiver, or adult relative 
    • Health care provider
    • Teacher or coach 
    • School counselor
    • Minister, priest, rabbi, or another clergy person

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