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The Comfort Ability Program

The Comfort Ability Program, Boston Children’s Hospital: Chronic Pain As You've Never Heard It Before


Pedia Pain Focus

Pedia Pain Focus: Putting Pain Care Skills in Your Patients and Families’ Hands (Ep 49 with Dr. Rachael Coakley)


Talking Gut with Dr Jim Kantidakis

Pediatric Pain Management and The Comfort Ability Program (Ep 19 Dr. Rachael Coakley)


Video Abstract

Differences Between Mothers' and Fathers' Perception of Their Adolescents' Pain Before and After Parent Training Through The Comfort Ability Pain Management Program




References for the Comfort Ability® Program

References for the Comfort Ability® Program: Scientific publications highlighting evidence-based knowledge about the concepts and skills in the CAP intervention

Parent Training through The Comfort Ability Program for Pediatric Chronic Pain Management: Self-Reported Expectations and Outcomes

Burns, M, BS, Hale, A., Riley, B, MD, Donado, C., Bujoreanu, S., Coakley, R.  Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, in press.

The Comfort Ability Program for Adolescents with Sickle Cell Pain: Evaluating feasibility and acceptability of an inpatient group-based clinical implementation.

Sil, S., Lee, J., Klosky, J., Vaz, A., Mee, L., Cochran, S., Thompson, B., Coakley, R.  Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 2021, June; Jun;68(6):e29013 PMID: 33742546

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